Apprentice and Apprenticeship Champion of the Year 10-step plan

The following 10-step plan is designed to help you quickly access information on how to enter the National Apprenticeship Awards 2018 before you register online.


Check you are eligible to enter the Awards

Entries will only be accepted from apprentices and employers based in England with SASE compliant apprenticeships (Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England) or the new Apprenticeship Standards. Please read the Terms and Conditions of Entry 2018 for further information. They are available to download from the awards application site.


Your entry will be judged using your employer's address details

The postcode on your application form will be used to identify the region your entry will be judged in. Please make sure you enter the details of your normal place of work. This is the base where you mainly work from and may be different to your organisation’s Head Office.


Choosing the category to enter

To enter the Apprentice of the Year category you must either be currently undertaking the level of qualification applicable to your chosen category or have completed that level within the last 12 months, i.e. since 1 May 2017. Stronger entrants have usually completed more than 50% of their current apprenticeship as they are able to provide more evidence in their answers. If you completed your apprenticeship over 12 months ago, you might be eligible for the new Rising Star Award or the Apprenticeship Champion Award. You do not need to have completed an apprenticeship to enter the Apprenticeship Champion category.


Download the category guidance

The category guidance provides an overview of the main questions you will be asked in the online application, including advice on what the judges are looking for in your answers and what information must be included. The category guidance is available on the awards application site.


Attend a free Information Webinar – Optional

Free to attend Information Webinars are being held to help you start a winning entry. To find out more, visit the awards application site or join the Apprenticeship Awards mailing list by emailing:


Notify your employer or referee that you will be asking them to provide a reference

As part of the entry process your employer (Apprentice of the Year) or a key contact (Apprenticeship Champion) will be asked to provide an online reference – you need to ensure you allow them enough time to do this ahead of the closing date. The category guidance (mentioned in step 4) shows you the referee's question and information on what they should consider including in their response.


Use your word count wisely

Use the downloaded category guidance (mentioned in step 4) to plan your responses to each of the questions, with consideration for the word count. Applications now allow you to attach photos and tables to help evidence the claims made in your responses. Use a chart, table or graph to help demonstrate metrics such as statistics, quantifiable information and comparative data. Remember to provide a base line to show how you have progressed. One or two photographs which support your application may be included. For example, you may have photography of you delivering a presentation about your apprenticeship or at work showcasing your skills. The upload facility should not be utilised for items such as additional references, CVs, certificates, prospectus documents or training materials.


Remember this is an opportunity to promote yourself

Judges are looking for entrants who can demonstrate their commitment and contribution to apprenticeships. Think about how you can back up your entry with evidence, including facts and figures and testimonies from the people you work with.


Prepare in advance

When completing your entry please keep in mind the following key dates (all dates may be subject to change):

  • Friday 20 July 2018 – status of application announced following assessment stage
  • Wednesday 8 August 2018 – Regional Finalists announced
  • September 2018 – Regional Winners announced
  • Wednesday 28 November 2018 – National Finalists announced

Get more information

An Awards Q&A is available on the awards application site, if you have further queries prior to entering. Alternatively contact our helpline on 0800 954 8896 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm) or email