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PeoplePlus Meet the Sponsor Profile 2019

Published 24th October 2019

Why do you feel so strongly about promoting and celebrating apprenticeships? 

We recognise the contribution that an apprenticeship can make to an employer as well as the impact that the learning can have on the life of the apprentice.  There are so many fantastic stories of individuals who have been impacted by an apprenticeship and their personal growth should inspire others.

Why do you feel proud to sponsor the Recruitment Excellence category?

The way we recruit as organisations has changed rapidly in the last 10 years.  There is a lot more emphasis on the ‘extras’ that a brand can offer such as social mobility, commitment to a diverse workforce and many other areas. Therefore using innovation and technology to support this should be celebrated.

What role do apprentices play within your own organisation?  

We have individuals in PeoplePlus completing apprenticeships at all levels.  We also have a mix of programmes on offer to ensure we can suit many needs and support people to reach their potential.

What message would you give to all this years’ finalists ahead of the national ceremony on 27th November?

Huge congratulations on being shortlisted for this award.  By using the recruitment techniques that you are, you are developing your organisations by recruiting the best in class candidates, you are backing those individuals to find a career path to support their ambition and you are supporting the UK to upskill our people for prosperity.

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