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The British Army Meet the Sponsor Profile 2020

Published 9th September 2020

Why do you feel so strongly about promoting and celebrating apprenticeships?

The British Army is passionate about the professional development of soldiers because we know that people are the Army not in the Army.  The Apprenticeship plays a critical part in developing the skills soldiers need.  

Why do you feel proud to sponsor Large Employer of the Year category?

We are extremely proud to be one of the largest employer providers of Apprenticeships in the country with over 6,000 people completing their Apprenticeship every year across a variety of trades. We are one of the UK’s largest public sector apprenticeship programmes with a history dating back to 1923 and so, we are delighted to be able to encourage and recognise the importance played by Employers.

What benefits has your organisation seen as a result of employing apprentices? 

The Army benefits because the individuals gain so much personally and professionally from the Apprenticeship scheme. Here are some of our apprentices in their words:

Bombardier Stromdale

My apprenticeship has broadened my horizons and allowed me to work with people I have not worked with before.

Bombardier Tagicakibau

The more I started to learn the more determined I became to pass.  I actually began to enjoy the process of learning.

Private Dunn

I believe an Apprenticeship is about more than earning a qualification - it's about whole life experience.

Lance  Corporal Ralston

Overall, I benefited hugely from being on the Apprenticeship scheme.  It was the culmination of all my learning, and it gave me a massive confidence boost knowing I could not only do my job but do it well.

What message would you give to potential applicants?

Entering the National Apprenticeship Awards provides a time to reflect on your own apprenticeship scheme, to showcase your how you have developed and your achievements.It also gives employers the chance to celebrate the achievements of their staff and their own amazing contribution to changing lives.  

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