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AstraZeneca Meet the Sponsor Profile 2020

Published 28th October 2020

Why do you feel so strongly about promoting and celebrating apprenticeships?

At AstraZeneca, we believe in inspiring the next generation and work together to give opportunities to those who will one day be our leading scientists, professionals and leaders. We have been offering apprenticeships in some form for the last 40-years, and it is a great way to bring talent into our business. 

Why do you feel proud to sponsor the Intermediate Apprentice of the Year category?

Intermediate apprenticeships offer great opportunities for those starting on a career journey, and apprentices bring great ideas and energy into any business. Apprentices can get hands on from day 1 and learn from a very broad network of people and industry experts, and it’s immensely rewarding to watch them learn and progress, setting themselves up for success in the future.

What benefits has your organisation seen as a result of employing apprentices?

As well as filling key skills gaps in our industry sector, we really value the diverse population who come to us via the apprenticeship route.  Apprentices bring great enthusiasm and value, we learn from them generationally and they are great advocates for our business.  Whether it’s starting their career journey or changing careers, it’s very rewarding to watch them learn, grow and become fully fledged in their chosen career and advance through the business.

What message would you give to potential applicants?

We are very passionate about what we do, so show us what you are passionate about - be yourself. Do your research - there’s lots of advice on our careers pages on how to write a good CV, how to write good applications and how to prepare for assessment centres. Understand what your skills are and look for opportunities to help you build your skills and show yourself in the best way.

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