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Lloyds Banking Group Meet the Sponsor Profile 2020

Published 9th November 2020

Why do you feel so strongly about promoting and celebrating apprenticeships?

There are just so many benefits that apprenticeships bring to both colleagues and employers - supporting motivation and engagement, a career as opposed to just a job and giving people the platform to achieve their potential.  Recognising the achievements of apprentices is absolutely critical to raising the profile of apprenticeships and showcasing how apprenticeships support learning and development.

Why do you feel proud to sponsor the Rising Star category?

We are particularly proud to be sponsoring the Rising Star Award for the third year running.  The Rising Star is an employer nominated award and seeks to identify apprentices that have made impressive progress in their career to date and have the potential to go even further. Hearing about the journeys of the apprentices and the passion, enthusiasm and drive that impacts not only their workplace but in their local communities too is genuinely inspiring and we are delighted to be able to recognise this.

What benefits has your organisation seen as a result of employing apprentices?

At Lloyds Banking Group our purpose is to help Britain prosper and investing in education and employability is central to this which is why apprenticeships are at the heart of our strategy.  Apprenticeships help us to recruit fresh and diverse talent into the business and support existing colleagues to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be the best bank of the future.  Year on year we see that our apprenticeship colleagues are more engaged with the Group and are more likely to stay with the Group and build their career

What message would you give to potential applicants?

Do not underestimate your own personal journey and the value you have added to your organisation and the people you are working with !  If you are considering applying for the Rising Star Award, remember to think about what you have done both inside and outside of the workplace – your involvement in your local community and beyond.  We would encourage you to speak to the key stakeholders around you to remind you of your achievements to date and the stretch potential in front of you.

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