Featured Apprentice Story


As a Chartered Management Degree Apprentice, Victoria, works alongside BBC managers to learn how different business areas work and find out how to improve them. She works alongside BBC managers to help understand how different business areas work, but to also learn how to improve them and develop their skillset (both professional and personal). Victoria joined the Level 6 Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship based in Media City, Salford in September 2020. Victoria spent the first two years of her BBC career working and studying remotely due to the COVID Pandemic. A very uneasy time for many and it certainly wasn't easy for Victoria, who was keen for face to face interaction.

Victoria is autistic and has dyslexia. She has been very open and honest about the way she copes on a day to day basic. When she was finally able to join the workforce in a face to face capacity, she quickly excelled and really threw herself into a very busy high pressured working environment. She isn't afraid of putting her name forward and has made the most of the opportunities put to her and in doing so she has grown in confidence.

She has challenged herself on numerous occasions, including featuring in a UCAS video promoting BBC apprenticeships. The video showcased the support and guidance she had while working with the Early Careers Business and Digital Teams.

She has recently, successfully secured a permanent role within BBC Studios. The apprenticeship certainly gave her the skills and the knowledge to give her the confidence in her ability to do the job. She has a brilliant can-do attitude and embraces the opportunities and in doing so is exceeding in her career.

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