Featured Apprentice Story


Ben is a Data Cabling Engineer at North which provides critical infrastructure for some of the most important systems in the world. Ben began his apprenticeship some time ago, facing an unexpected challenge when his original assessor departed. Undeterred by the absence of formal guidance, Ben showcased remarkable initiative and continued to work alongside a more experienced team member Sam, leveraging his mentor's expertise to acquire the essential knowledge and skills vital for a flourishing career in data engineering.

A notable highlight in Ben's journey is his role, now working as a lead engineer on a crucial project for RNLI. Ben demonstrated exceptional competence, completing the project promptly and comprehensively and earning customer sign-off. This achievement underscores his ability to use his initiative and to demonstrate ways in which he can excel, even in the most challenging environments and circumstances.

More recently, Ben connected with another assessor at his college, this allowed him to efficiently upload all of his outstanding work and complete the remaining components of his apprenticeship within just a few weeks. His dedication to learning and developing, coupled with the ability to navigate challenges independently, is commendable. Ben's outstanding efforts have culminated in a well-deserved distinction in his end point assessment.

As a Data Engineering Apprentice, Ben has shown initiative, perseverance, determination, and ultimate success. His journey is a testament to his potential and the significant contributions he is making to the field of data engineering at North.

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