Featured Apprentice Story

Lloyds Banking Group

Simran is a business analyst working in the Payment Services Platform in a Financial Services organisation support change management and implementation.

In her own words ….

I am a proud ambassador of the Group’s apprenticeship program, as it has truly shaped my professional journey. As an apprentice business analyst in the Payment Services Platform, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative power of apprenticeships and the opportunities they provide for personal and career growth.

Before embarking on this incredible journey in the banking industry, I faced a very different reality. I started my professional life, as an apprentice in the construction industry, where I often was treated like a second-class employee. I experienced the nasty challenges and barriers that unfortunately can exist in certain work environments. As you can imagine, these experiences were truly confidence shattering. However, it was through these experiences that I discovered the value of resilience, determination and the pursuit of new opportunities.

That is where Lloyds Banking Group comes into play. When I joined LBG, it was a breath of fresh air. From day one, I was embraced as a valued member of the Payments team. I have always been encouraged to ask questions, assured that my opinion matters and provided with the guidance and support needed to thrive. The culture of inclusivity and empowerment within Lloyds made me realise that my potential was not defined by the limitations imposed on me in the past, but rather by my dedication and willingness to learn, in order to do better for myself and empower those around me.

I am a living testament to the transformative power of apprenticeships and the dedication of organisations like LBG to nurturing talent and fostering inclusive opportunities. My journey is a testament to the belief that every individual, regardless of their background or previous experiences, deserves a chance to thrive and make a meaningful contributions.

I encourage my colleagues and fellow apprentices to seize every opportunity that comes your way, to embrace challenges as stepping stones to growth, and to continually strive for excellence. Your journey is unique, and the skills and knowledge you acquire during your apprenticeship will set a strong foundation for a prosperous future.

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