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Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust- Salford Royal – Critical Care Unit

Yomi is in his 2nd year of the Trainee Nursing Associate (FdSc) apprenticeship at the University of Salford. He works as a trainee nursing assistant within Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust at Salford Royal, and his role is in the critical care unit. He was excited to start his apprenticeship journey from the selection stages to receiving his uniform and TNA badge.

One of Yomi's contributions has been his role as a student representative. He has gone above and beyond to support his cohort through the programme single-handedly, providing guidance, assistance, and a supportive presence to his fellow apprentices. Yomi's unwavering dedication to his peers has created a sense of community and solidarity, greatly enhancing the apprenticeship experience for all involved. Furthermore, Yomi has extended his support to newer course representatives, continuing to foster a culture of coaching and guidance within the programme.

During his fourth module, Yomi secured a contract for the position of Registered Nursing Associate within the critical care unit of the Salford Royal Hospital. This has motivated him to continue his hard work after receiving positive feedback from the people he works with and the multi-disciplinary team.

As well as working full time and studying for his apprenticeship, Yomi also has a partner and children and admitted that he almost pulled out of the course due to his partner's health issues and needing to look after his children. “I was left alone to look after the children, and then work, Uni, attending compulsory training, and carried on as student rep. I was so drained at some point I considered pulling out. I reconsidered my choice and decided to carry on as I believe nothing good comes easy, and even if I quit, every day will still come with its challenges; besides, dreams only come true if we have the courage to pursue them; therefore, I decided to remain strong, not only for myself but for my children and partner as well.”

Yomi has demonstrated so much passion for his sector within nursing. He was featured in a marketing video promoting the Trainee Nursing Associate apprenticeship programme and participated in a campus photography session. His involvement has showcased his enthusiasm for the apprenticeship and his genuine belief in the value it offers to both apprentices and employers. Yomi has also been featured in various social media postings, further promoting the programme and inspiring others.

One of Yomi's contributions occurred during a Programme Advisory Board meeting, where the Programme Lead met with employers. All employers present were in awe of Yomi's passion, dedication, and remarkable commitment to the apprenticeship. They expressed gratitude for his feedback, praise for his exemplary work, and deep appreciation for the university and the apprenticeship program. Yomi's outstanding contributions have elevated the apprenticeship programme and strengthened the relationship between the University and the employers who benefit from apprentices. Furthermore, Yomi's words capture his dedication and appreciation: "The University of Salford is also the best place to learn and achieve dreams. The support and passion of the entire TNA team are outstanding. What more can I ask for…." These sentiments reflect his deep gratitude for the institution, the programme, and the team that supports him. Yomi's testimonial underscores the positive impact of the apprenticeship program and the unwavering dedication of those involved. In addition to his remarkable contributions, Yomi's journey through the apprenticeship programme has been nothing short of extraordinary. He proudly shared his story and emphasised, "My proudest achievement on the apprenticeship to date is securing a contract for the position of a Registered Nursing Associate with the Critical Care Unit at Salford Care Organization. The contract will take effect on completion of my training. I’m very happy to have achieved this only in Module 4. It has been a great motivation for me to keep working hard."

This achievement not only speaks to his dedication but also serves as an inspiration to others on their apprenticeship journey. “I work in the Critical Care Unit, and that can be a bit challenging considering the fact that I'm still a student and the breadth and depth of knowledge required on the unit is enormous. Therefore, I have been doing a lot of extra studies on my own and always getting involved to learn new things whenever there is an ongoing clinical and medical intervention from all multi-disciplinary team members. As a family man, I look after my kids, help them with homework, cook, clean, do laundry, attend parents' evenings and also do school runs. I work full-time and attend University as well. All this can be overwhelming sometimes, but I believe if I keep pushing, it'll all be worth it in the end. According to Nelson Mandela, it always seems impossible until it's done; looking back now, It all seems like yesterday when I started, I've only got 22 weeks left to qualify as a Registered Nursing Associate. Keeping my dream alive has helped me get this far and understand that to achieve anything, one must have faith, determination, work hard, have a vision and be dedicated”.

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