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During COVID-19 Jack Rooke, a Data Analytics Apprentice, participated in a project that was highly valued in the department as we were improving automated processes for Large Enterprise Customers, taking care and enhancing their service at the most difficult times.

Jack proactively participated in the data alignment and data cleansing activities that were key to successfully complete the Customer Automation, not only improving the scripts but providing support to Operational, Business Analysts, Customer Delivery and IT teams.

Jack Rooke’s role is a level 6 data analytics degree apprentice in Vodafone Business. He joined the UCC Service Orchestration & Data team at Vodafone in September 2019. Within the team we provide technical solutions for Vodafone Business products, in the context of Unified Communications and Connectivity. During COVID-19, we aimed to support and maintain our customer solutions, ensuring the service will be preserved at all times since communications are critical at the most difficult times like lockdowns.

Jack Rooke participated in a project that was highly valued in the department as it improves automated processes. It was not directly related to improve customer experience during COVID-19, however it helps to maintain the provisioning service and automatic billing process up and running with no extra consequences nor concerns to be addressed by customers.

Jack took ownership of the developments in a critical time for the team as the rest of engineers were working at maximum capacity, and very quickly became the expert of the scripts, in a way that provided support to Operational teams, Business Analysts, Customer Delivery and IT teams.

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